The Original Opening…
We’re playing it loose this time around, with just a bundle of very general thoughts. Nothing too exciting (maybe), but some random thoughts on concepts, mechanics, and the like. Some of this is just free-floating ideas I have, and some of this is actual stuff I’ve been trying to work on to no avail. So, let’s hop to it… [EDIT: I’m leaving this up just to show what I meant to do… about one paragraph in below, I ditched the Bullet Point it was and just ran with it. So. Yeah. Let’s call this idea Vendetta for now, shall we?

— May 25 Blog Post: “Wow, This Post Got Out Of Hand!” 

What Happened
On May 25, I tried to make a post that was just a round-up of a bunch of ideas I had… from there, it developed wildly and got completely out of hand to a degree. I was possessed by the spirit to write, and the ideas simply flowed from my head to my fingers and I did not stop writing except to sleep. Around 16 hours later, I had produced a 7000 word document about crime-tragedy tentatively calledVendetta or The Family… It had character creation, it had conflict rules, it had a focus, and it had an end-game. It was an honest to goodness complete game except for some no doubt imbalances in its design borne from no testing whatsoever and only stream-of-consciousness rules-writing.

It was 7000 words of, what one friend called, “the coolest shit.” And hey, that made me feel great.

So I’ve gone back and I’ve scrubbed this new-post empty. None of that game exists here anymore. I’m going to repost it, don’t worry — I’m going to repost it in smaller increments so it can be absorbed more easily and tinkered with and cleaned up along the way. I never really had the intention of a 7000 word blog post, but I wound up there anyway… Yeesh! So look back here over the next few days. I’ll be reposting Vendetta or The Family or whatever it’ll be called. Take a look and enjoy! Sorry to those of you who were reading it when I dragged it down. It’s coming back: promise.

Comments and questions welcome below, and I am as always reachable at alfred_rudzki[at]yahoo[dot]com. Thank you!