All these people, in line, at 9:00am. This is my Saturday, ladies and gentlemen! Kinda cool though, I will admit. I take a certain relaxed approach to this whole time investment only because I did so much work last night. It was extremely productive, and I think I have something cool to share with you nice folks later! Now, back to standing in line! Pictures periodically (maybe)!


An adorable guideline booklet for “Magnus Rex” as they’re referring to Batman while on-set. They sat us down and talked at us for a while about how important the role of extra is. It was sweet and all, but everything I know about TV and theatre leaves me pretty sure extras rank below Grips in terms of being appreciated. But maybe that’s just me! Was there for around 3 hours, which wasn’t all that bad really. Spent the time writing and taking notes; just generally working on gaming stuff.

Since I wasn’t honestly up to all that much — just sitting and writing — I don’t have more pictures of casting call.

So here’s a trolley bus!